Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Supercut DVD

It's an honor to have so many people love these cuts.  Unfortunately, the quality of the videos on YouTube just don't look as good as I made them no matter how I upload them.  So here, I've compiled all of the supercuts in their highest definition in video and sound (as well as the recently pulled Tarantino cut), and tossed in a whole bunch of unreleased supercuts as well. I in no way plan to make a business out of this, so I am only asking for you to take care of the shipping and handling on these and I'll do the rest.  $10 for all shipments in the U.S., $13 for Canada and Mexico, $15 for everywhere else.  PayPal preferred.  Please e-mail for more details.  Thank you so much for enjoying these and still loving the movies.

Includes High Resolution/DVD Quality Versions of:

*  163 Horror Movies in 2.5 Minutes
*  Criterion Collection in 2.5 Minutes
*  IMDB Top 250 in 2.5 Minutes
*  Top 50 Tarantino Characters
*  Curse Me Good
*  1,001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die)
* Extra Features including unreleased Supercuts

* Repeating 15 Minute DVD Menu of Movie Madness not seen in any of the videos      

(All Artwork on DVD covers by Scott C.)


Unknown said...

Any chance the DVD will come with a list/quiz identifying each cut?

Henry the eighth said...

Jeez...where were you last month when I was making these. Unfortunately, no...but now I feel there should be instructions to a drinking game included.

random2502 said...

International shipping too?

Henry the eighth said...
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StephTing said...

I definitely want to order one of these...what a terrific project!
I too would love a list of the clips/movies included.

Robin Jonasch said...

Crazy work you put together. Respect!
Sitting here with a friend and debating how you cut all this stuff. Did you work with pre-edited masterclips for the splitscreens or do you trim them individually by hand? How many video tracks did the project have?
Would really like to know :)
Also, did you made all the animations by hand or are there plugins to shuffle around the huge amount of content? What editing software did you use?

Best wishes!

Teleram said...

hope it also has a list of all the films in the videos

Taylor Penny said...

How do I order?